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After England set up Roanoke Island, it was twenty years before they set up another one. They would call it Jameston. In 1606 the Virginia Company of London received a charter from King James I. The charter allowed them to settle in land called Virginia. The land was swampy and the water was undrinkable. Mosquitos swarmed. They gave many settlers disease. But they chose to stay. The colony wasn't doing too well when a young soldier by the name of John Smith arrived. Smith was a great leader. He used his motivation to make the settlers work. At one time Smth was captured by the Powatan Indians and ordered to death. The chief's daughter, Pocahontas allowed him to live. Pocahontas would become a famous character in the settlment of Jamestown after she married tobacco farmer John Rolfe.

The winter in Jamestown was a harsh one. The settlers became hungry. They ate cats, dogs, snakes, and just about anything else they could find. Jamestown needed help. Several things turned Jamestown around. When John Rolfe arrived in 1612 he began to grow tobacco. They began to sell and trade it. Another thing that helped them was a representative government called the House of Burgesses. The last major things that helped them was the arrival of women. The colony slowly, but surely began to grow. And it survived after a long, hard struggle.

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