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The Southern Colonies

The southern colonies are Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Georgia, honor named after King James II. It was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe. For profit, home for debtors and buffer against Spanish Florida.

Maryland was founded in 1632 by Lord Baltimore. He received a huge land grant from the crown as a proprietor for assuming responsibility for the area. He named "Maryland" for queen Henrietta Maria of England. Maryland was founded for religious and political freedom.

North Carolina and South Carolina were founded by a group of eight proprietors. The colony received its modern name by being named after King Charles II in 1663. It was founded for trade and farming.

Virginia - In 1624 King James the First of England took over the colony, saving it from bankruptcy. The leader of Virginia was John Smith and was founded in 1607 for trading and farming.


Southern colonies differ from others in the following ways:

The Southern Colonies were different from others, because they didn't care about religious freedom, but came here to get rich instead. Their economy depended on large plantations where a few rich people owned most of the land, and depended on slaves to get the work done.


John Smith



Colonial Colonie Capitals

Georgia- Savannah

Maryland- St. Marys City

North Carolinia- Charleston

Virginia- Jamestown


These were the Colonial Capitals when they were founded or not much after they were founded.