Triangular Trade

The Triangular Trade is a route to recieve slaves. It got it's namefrom the three routes that formed a triangle. The first route carried fish, lumber, and other goods from New England to the West Indies. In the West Indies they picked up sugar and molasses which is a dark brown syrup product made from sugar cane. This was used to makes rum. From the West Indies merchants carried the rum, along with guns, gunpowder, and tools to West Africa. Here, they traded these items for slaves, they carried the slaves to the West Indies where they were sold. Traders would take the profits and buy more molasses.

The slaves were treated so harshly that some of them didn't make it to the West Indies. Traders were so greedy that they wanted to bring as many slaves as possible. The slaves were chained and crammed together below the deck. There was hardly any sitting room or standing room. The slaves even have fresh air. The air was so stifling that some suffocated to death. Others tried to starve themselves to death or jump over board. Most died from diseases.

When the slaves reached the Americas they were auctioned off. Many families were broken up and never seen again. I hope you have a better understanding of the Triangular Trade